The investment for Gold 1 on 1 is $3997. You can also do 6 monthly payments of $735 or 12 payments of $400.
Obviously you save yourself $800 by paying in full. It will be done via Paypal or Bank Transfer.
 Let me tell you more about my GOLD 1 on 1 Coaching and how it works.
This is a dedicated, true 1 on 1 coaching. Because I am dedicated to your success we will be connecting on a WEEKLY basis for a up to 45 mins.
So the coaching lasts for 6 months but access to me can continue for up to a year and is designed to take you from the real basics to your fist six figure year online.

We start right back at the beginning (setting up your first domain name and website hosting) and creating a blog, to begin building your authority and credibility in a marketplace.

Next you’ll begin building a list and start doing e-mail marketing, to earn your first real online money.

As you keep blogging and building up your brand, you’ll learn the traffic aspects that you need to really make your blog readership and subscriber list soar.

Next you’ll begin creating your own product and build a profitable, high converting sales funnel to make it sell.. whilst bolting it into your list building process simultaneously.

We move on to learn about recruiting an army of affiliate to promote your stuff and also doing affiliate marketing to your growing list of customers and subscribers.

We’ll talk about building multiple front-end products and higher priced upsell products to maximise the cash that you can make.

We’ll also help you build a core membership site for your business, so that you can easily create a recurring income stream in your business, with hundreds of people paying you $27, $47 or even $97 per month, every month.

Moving on we go on to talk about creating and selling higher-ticket course (say $497 – $1997) and building them into your business.

The key to this is to build a real, solid and sustainable business model which is efficient, allows the ‘lifestyle luxury’ (not slaving away at your computer for 100 hours a week) and is consistent.

I want to get you to $100 per day, then $300 per day (that’s $100,000 per year, by the way).

You’ll be in a position to start earning some money within about 8-12 weeks of learning, BUT that’s not enough for me.. so I’ll keep coaching and guiding you until you’re making six figures online per year.

If you continue to take massive action you can certainly be in a position to be making that kind of cash within about 6-12 months. From there, scaling it skywards is pretty straightforward.

In terms of my coaching method, I’ve spent a lot of time and money researching what other mentors are doing, along with what works and what doesn’t. I think that I’ve ‘nailed’ it.

My coaching breaks down as follows:

– 26 x weekly video coaching modules. Each one is about 60-90 minutes long, and walks you through the next step of the process. It comes complete with a detailed homework assignment for you to complete before moving onto the next module. These modules show you both the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

– Every week we hold a LIVE webinar (usually about 1-2 hours long), where I can look directly at YOUR business, brainstorm what you’re doing, give you feedback on the stuff that you create and answer your questions.

– You also get a direct e-mail address and telephone number for me, so that if you have important questions or need to seek advice on something, you can always get in touch with me and ask away.

– We also give you ALL of the tools and templates you need. So whenever we recommend making a certain web page or an aspect of your campaign, we’ll give you a ‘Fill In The Blanks’ template to follow.

– I’m always investing in my own education in the latest training and programs and you will get up to date knowledge of whats working now and also (where relevant) access to training I have personally paid for.

– Access to every IM product that I ever create. This is literally the LAST thing that you’ll ever need to buy from me – everything else is included for free.

– LIFETIME support from me via e-mail, even long after the 6 months of coaching are over, I’ll still be around.

Collectively, I think it’s the PERFECT coaching module for my students’ success.

You get to work through the modules and follow everything through, step-by-step in the order that I intended it… building out the system.

BUT.. when you need advice or help – I’m there via webinars, e-mail, telephone or Facebook group.

In terms of ‘time’ required, obviously the more you can put in the faster you’ll progress. I think that’s a ‘given’. That said, you can do this with as little as 2 hours per week of LEARNING time and 30-60 minutes per day of IMPLEMENTATION time.