One of the biggest hurdles that new comers face when they come online to do buisness is the bewildering array of internet jargon. Most of it is tech speak, some of it is IT speak and some of it is marketing speak. So mix them up and no wonder no one knows what PHP, CTR, PPC, List building, HTML, Web 2.0 and Vlogs are!

So what I’ve tried to do is create a general source of terms that you might encounter and present them in an easy to understand way. Think of this as learning a new language (it is) and if you practice using them you will sound like an expert – like me!

API: An invisible yet awesome computer cooperation thingy that allows two programs to talk to each other to create certain outcomes hybrid in nature (i.e A facebook connect button that allows you to login into a website using your Facebook profile) e.g. “The Facebook API is everywhere!”. Leadpages requires Aweber’s API so it can share stats.

Backend: Behind the scenes products and services (that are often at higher price points). This may be a reoccurring payment (i.e in the form of a monthly mastermind) or higher price coaching/ training. E.g “Wow, he’s making a lot of money on the backend!”

List: A culmination of names, emails, addressed, phone numbers or all of the above that reside in your email client and/ or autoresponder. Generally everyone who has subscribed to your emails is regarded as being  ‘a part of your list’.

CMS: Stands for ‘Content Management System’. Essentially it’s the structure or foundation that you hang your website on and at a basic level is a database of pages and media that you can actually create and accumalate. Probably the word’s most popular CMS is WordPress. But there’s also others like Joomla etc.

Traffic: A term for essentially ‘people or visitors’ to your website or any other digital property you have i.e Facebook, Youtube etc

Autoresponder: A cool email service that you set up to send out automated emails to certain people on your list based on the rules that you choose. Some great autoresponders are Getresponse and Aweber.

Platform: A general word used to describe an online application or website of any kind really e.g “Facebook is a huge Platform”

Code: General word for ‘computer language’ that is used to do all kinds of technical stuff

HTML: A specific form or language of computer code. You generally don’t have to know HTML these days but knowing the basics can help. Here’s a good resource.

Web Form: An online form that allows people to put in their name, emails etc for in return for some type of offer or subscription. Also known as an Optin Form or a Squeeze page