One of my favourite internet marketers is Frank Kern.

His laid back, genuinely funny and interesting ‘hokey’ style of ‘hey-I’m-an-ordinary-guy-doing-some-things-on-this-ole-interweb-thing-and-I-happen-to-make-millions-off-it-while-having-fun-and-surfing’ mixed with razor sharp internet marketing ‘spider senses’ make him a must follow kind of guy.

With his early products like ‘Mass Control’ and the Under Achiever method he takes the difficult world of internet marketing and makes it simple enough for anyone to understand.

One of his ‘classic’ presentations is his ‘Core Influence’ presentation in 2003 Internet Marketing Summit.

I’ve just recently re-watched it and marvelled at the easy going ‘Jenius’ of not only the content that Frank teaches but HOW he teaches it and how it influences the crowd.

Naturally I’m always taking notes so I thought I’d share them with you – most of them are notes straight from the powerpoint slide.

But there are also notes from comments that I thought were important.

So I invite you to watch this video it’s about 2 hours long (get a cup of coffee/ tea and an easy chair) and you can also download the notes below:

My Notes

Frank Kern starts with a  brief history of the internet marketing community and how small shifts in thinking have brought them to million dollar launch ideas (2003)
Core Influence
Step 1: Know what you REALLY want and who you REALLY are.
Step 2: Know what your Market REALLY wants and Who they REALLY are.
Weird Science
Most people have two versions of themselves
  1. #1 – The Identity They Walk Around In Every Day. I call this the Shell identity i.e “I am a Banker”
  2. #2 – The Identity they REALLY WANT i.e ‘I’m a Rock Star”
    1. Our inner identity is our true identity  = our CORE Identity. The boy who wanted to be a chef but is now a pharmacist.
Our Core Identity is held captive By Circumstance and A Lack of knowledge
Very few people think about who their core identity is
What is Core Influence?
  • Most influence is done on the surface. This is called ‘surface influence’ or ‘head to head’ influence
How Core Influence Works
  • We communicate on two levels. Head to head and the core level
  • Lasting influence comes from a core communication
  • To communicate on this level, your subconscious speaks to their subconscious
  • The subconscious is really in control
Infinite Power. use it Wisely.
  • You can’t really control your subsconscious but you can guide it
  • With proper guidance, your subconscious will create a new core identity for you and this identity will speak to your market on a core level
  • When you identify core identity of your market… and communicate with it, you will have more power and influence than you ever though possible
  • You can learn how to do this
When we as people become congruent with what it is and who we truly want to be when effortless communication occurs.

Step 1: Discover Your Core (Wake Up)

  • Our deepest core desires give clues to our core identity (core desire not on a material level)
  • Why are you here in this room and reading this
    • Make more money
    • Network with your peers
    • Contribute to the community
To What end?
  • Why do you want more money, network with your peers, contribute etc?
  • Our brains will lie to us. The reasons will give us surface answers
  • The Truth is, we all want to create and perpetuate Experience. Goals are meaningless.
  • i.e We get a Ferrari —> to feel like James Bond and the Big Lie.
    • The big lie is if you get a Ferrari you will be James Bond
    • We want the experience
Effortless Transformation
  • Get clear focus on what your core identity is
  • When you communicate from this core place you are centered, stable and focused
  • This Total clarity Magnetically attracts ‘Matches’. (Someone who has a similar core identity) And causes you to be exponentially more persuasive
The worse sensation is to work your whole life towards a goal only to find it empty and elusive
When you are incongruent you attract the wrong customers. build the wrong business. And you start sabotaging money making opportunities because you don’t want to perpetuate the cycle of lameness.
Don’t make money to buy goals (things) because you will worry about the things.
9 Month Total Life make Over
Frank explains a sequence of events leading to his total life makeover
Get Rich by helping others
Before We Begin….

“Goals and Things are irrelevant”

Our brains try to convince our subconscious that these trivial things matter.
This creates an internal struggle that completely inhibits our ability to really get anywhere
the trick is to align our brain with our subconscious
Here’s How It is…
  • E + I = L
  • E = experience. We do not crave things. We crave the experience the things give us.
  • I = Identity. Our experience, belief and values create our identity. All communication comes from identity
  • L – Life. Our experiences and Identity work together to form our life
What we all want is a new life
When we buy a new home. we’re not buying so much the physical as the new life it will bring.
Your Life is made up of individual days
How To Create  A New Life
  • Good news! we’re all dying!
  • How many more days of life have you got in you? Calculate it excatly

The One Question That Will Change Your Life Forever

“If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect average day look like?”
Limitations: No financial, geographic, health, Limiting people etc
Consequences: Stuff that could get you getting into get ‘into trouble’ for
Average: You could do all this stuff every day and not die or get sick of it
Mining for Gold – live this day every day
The Perfect day
  • Where would you live?
  • what would your house look like?
  • what time would you wake up?
  • what would you do in the morning?
  • what would you have for breakfast
  • what does the mundane stuff look like (kids to school etc)
  • what would you spend the first half of your day doing?
  • what would you have for lunch
  • who would you eat with?
  • what are your friends like?
  • What would you talk about?
  • What would you do for personal fulfillment?
  • What life purpose would you strive for?
  • what would your business be?
  • what time would you start work?
  • what would you do actually DO at work?
  • what are your clients like?
  • what is your relationship like?
  • what would you do of family time?
  • what would you have for dinner
  • what would you eat
  • what would you do at night
  • what would you do it with
  • Where
  • what would your thoughts be as your go to sleep?


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