A few years ago I looked around at my life and the circumstances I found myself in and I didn’t like what I saw. I realised that by my late 20’s I had focussed (if you could call it that) on just surviving and then coasting the remainder of the way. I had a realisation that if I continued to do excatly what I was doing and living my life like I had, the road of ‘someday I’ll do that…’ would lead me only to a ‘town of nowhere’.

So I started reading books and going to seminars, learning about successful people of the past in numerous fields and a part from the whole Ra-Rah aspect (which was a lot of fun) it confirmed for me success’s first and in my opinion most important lesson:

Nothing will amount to anything until you accept 100% total resposonsibilty for your actions.

And only when you take 100% responsibility can you claim the successes and failures that are rightful yours, or in the words of America’s foremost business philosopher Jim Rohn ‘When you change, everything changes.’

It’s so easy to complain, and blame others. We now live in one of the most┬álitigious┬ácountries in the western world (1st place only being America) and more often it is easier to find fault with our circumstances than to see the fault in ourselves. But all this scape-goating and blame shifting only actually disempowers us only further. The only way to ever really claim your personal power is to take 100% of the responsibility. There are risks, and heart ache, and effort and learning that comes with responsibilty but there is also glory, and success and personal achievement and quiet pride that you can truely own your achievements. Whether your achievements are in work, family, sport or life, nothing comes about until you accept personal responsibilty.

To prove my point please watch the short but hilarious video on what happens when we put the responsibility of our happiness in the hands of others instead of ourselves.