Setting Up Your Blog

By now you should have already started your $1 Aspire Trial, if you haven’t do so now here.

Now let’s talk about setting up the central hub for your business or what I like to refer to as your “command center”.

Setting up your blog is one of the most important steps. It doesn’t matter if you do paid traffic, SEO or even have a podcast to build your business online.

You should always be directing people back to your blog to turn people into loyal readers and customers. Your blog is where you build relationships and let people into your world so they can make the choice if they want to work with you.

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Resources Mentioned:

Bluehost– This is my number 1 choice for hosting. I use it for all my sites and client sites for web design.

Genesis– This is the same framework my blog is built on and it’s the theme I use in the demonstration in the video.

Aweber– The autoresponder I personally use. This is the tool you need to build your email subscriber list.