Hello fellow internet marketers,

I just wanted to write a short blog post letting you know of a paradigm shift that I am personally seeing online, perhaps it’s a shift in myself but the more people I talk to every day the more I see thats it real.

What I’m talking about is the beginning of the end of Internet marketing – as we know it.

In the past you could get away with thread bare spammy websites (not that I did that) and simply send traffic to it. The offers were hyped and the promises were long. However as most people would attest, the results were always much to be desired.

I’d like to think I’m riding the wave of this new shift in the internet marketing community and linking arms with passionate, positive people.



So what is this paradigm shift?


Essentially, it’s high touch, high value and high ticket, relationship based internet marketing.

Gone are the days of the $7 or even the $37 ebook and perhaps one upsell.

Now its about creating personal relationships with people and linking arms with them as potential partners.

It’s about reaching out and giving something of real value, and thats your time and your experience.

Does this impede your ability to make a lot of money online?

Actually no because through the process of giving high value the ability to make high ticket sales dramatically increases.

High ticket means making $1,000, $3,000 and $5000 (and above) commissions.

Why would anyone want to pay this much for coaching, consultations and systems?

Because of two things:

  1. You solve peoples problems in a BIG WAY
  2. You provide massive value

People inherently understand that cheap courses and ebooks won’t lead them to riches, time freedom and freedom from working a J.O.B. So when you show them a system through your coaching that shows them how to do those things then who could refuse?


I’m so thankful that we’re shifting from an information economy to ¬†value based, relationship based economy.

Not trying to sound airy fairy but people are truely the solution, and so you can’t just give them a generic solution rather you must make them an active partner in THIER own solution.


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