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Are you looking for an honest in-depth review about Authority Blog Profits?

Well, turns out you’re in luck, because I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing this course (screw review copies) by my friend Sergio Felix.

But even though Felix is a mate it it worth your money? Does it deliver on it’s promise? Find out in this no holds barred review and nifty little bonus.

If you don’t know my story you can check it out here.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now since I started using iWeb on the Mac in 2008. Believe it or not this used to be an arts portfolio website! Check out the reeeeally old blog posts…

And for most of those years I had no clear direction about what I was blogging about or how I was going to make money. I’ve started (and mothballed) dozens of blogs in that time and I’ve bought probably dozens of ‘How To Blog’ products.

To be honest, most of the are not much more than PLR garbage.

In the past three years I’ve had three blogging products that I recommend to everybody – does Sergio Felix’s Authority Blog Profits knock any of them off their coveted porches… find out below.

Ok enough – let get down to the review!


Authority Blog Profits   Review – Overview

  • Creator: Sergio Felix. 
  • Product: Authority Blog Profits
  • Launch Day : 19th May 2014
  • Launch Time : 10:00 AM EST
  • Price : $37
  • Guarantee: 30-Day 100% Money Back
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Expert Level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Market/ Niche: Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/ ‘How To’


“I aaaaaam Seeergiooooo!”

I’ve only known Sergio Felix for a short while but what I can tell you is he is one cool cat. (Did you see what I did there? Excuse the pun). Not only is he a mean guitar player but he’s built his name in the internet marketing sphere as a personable, authentic, no B.S kinda guy.

And in the IM world it’ sorely lacking.

And he’s a lot of fun too (perhaps thats the Mexican in him.)

Sergio became a blogger three years ago, because an accident forced him to stay in bed and thus he set up his first blog and started learning. Over the last three years he improved his blogging skills, ran several blogs and started earning money by using WordPress.

Now he decided to combine all of his expertise into one single WordPress training, providing valuable video tutorials and coaching people step-by-step how to make money with their blogs.

A few months ago he told me he was working on something big, on his first actual product (something I haven’t even done yet!). And then he went all quiet in the IM space. Mind you perhaps it was also because he was newly married…

But I digress.

Authority Blog Profits is Sergio’s first IM product. And if I didn’t tell you you would never have guessed it.

When he told me he had a blogging product out, I immediate bought it. Not only to help a brother out but because he knew his stuff. The guy could blog and create blogs in his sleep.

Repeat: Sergio knows his stuff.

Authority Blog Profits is a comprehensive, 100+ step by step videos, hold you by the hand and look over my shoulder type of stuff ‘How To Blog’ program. There are 16 modules with a  17th Bonus module, Getting Started With ABP Report, Quick Start Guide, Marketing Tools Rolodex and inclusion to a Private VIP Facebook Group.

I wish I had this 3 years ago – it would have saved me so much time!!

 So what do you actually get with Authority Blog Profits?authorityblogprofitsdvd

  • Getting Started With WordPress Report – Real Value $17
  • Quick Start Guide – Real Value $27
  • Marketing Tools Rolodex – Real Value $97
  • Actionable Checklists to Keep You Accountable $17
  • 100+ Over My Shoulder-Type Videos – Real Value $497
  • Private VIP Facebook Group – Real Value $197
  • My Own Personal Help Whenever You Need Me – $197
  • Lifetime Members’ Area Access – Real Value PRICELESS!


Overall, it’s a high quality, comprehensive product that is worth the $37 investment.

There’s so much actionable content that’s easy for anyone just starting out in to get a hold of and run with. 100+ videos worth. None of the videos are too long and they’re always clear (sound and image wise). Each video is between 5-10 mins long.

I really appreciated the quick start guides, for someone who just wants to get into the meat of it.

Beginners will appreciate the checklists you can download at the end of each module.

Simply put, bar having an email list, there’s nothing as powerful and authoritative as having your own website/ blog.

And while Google seems to change it’ mind every few seconds wordpress sites overall are SEO friendly.

Authority Blog Profits is a course you could easily give to your virtual assistant to get them up to scratch on blogging, or if you wanted them to do a specific tasks such as link to Paypal or upload an audio file the videos are there. (Note to self – Give this course to John the VA).

Overall it’s a great resource and guide for people wanting to get started with blogging and for people who want easy access to some higher level training.


Although I would recommend this product, it’s not perfect and there are areas that I feel Sergio’s product lacks in.

Firstly,  as an Authority Blogging product I would have liked to see some interviews or case studies from some big name marketers like perhaps John Chow or Pat Flynn. (Hint to Sergio: Future upsell perhaps?)

Secondly,  Authority Blog Profits is not necessarily explicit about HOW you can actually make profits online (apart from basic affiliate marketing) rather that it focuses on the WHAT.

Thirdly, I would have have liked a resource about what type of blog posts you should be concentrating on and what blog titles are really good in terms of attracting buyers. (See Bonus Below.)

Overall/ My Recommendation:

Sergio Felix’s first product Authority Blog Profit is a high quality comprehensive ‘How To Blog’ product that doesn’t leave many stones unturned. Perfect for absolute beginners and intermediates alike Sergio has useful quick start guides and checklist to help even the most clueless marketer. There’s also a robust and vibrant facebook group and of course Sergio is easy to connect with and always gracious with his time.

The product isn’t perfect and there are some holes in the program.

So as a bonus to anyone who buys from my affiliate link I am giving two bonuses:

  1. 10 page Handwritten guide into the 7 Essential Blog Posts
  2. 100 Top Converting Blog Headlines
  3. 15 min consultation with me on how you can create your first $1,000 using a blog
  4. 90 day SEO blogging guide

(Valued at $149!)

So… what are you still doing reading this review? Go buy Sergio Felix’s Authority Blog Profits!





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