What are the Top 7 Essential Isagenix Videos to help people make an informed choice about about Isagenix?

What I love about Isagenix is that it provides you with so many marketing materials and tools you can use in your business. However it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices and to over-think which tools are best for particular people.

Today, Iris and I are creating a DVD to hand out to potential health and wealth partners and we have come up with our top 7 Isagenix Australia Videos that we think are worth while sharing. I think these videos are especially  good because they’re very clear and quite in-depth (without too much information to overwhelm anyone), they’re less than 10 mins long (everyone can find 10 mins!) and they’re a good mix of products for everyday people, athletes and business.

So without further ado here’s our Top 7 Essential Isagenix Australia Videos!


1. Experience Isagenix ANZ

This video was launched in March or April this year. This video is an excellent mix of product and business and what I love about this  is that it’s specifically caters for our Australian market and audience, showing both local Isagenix heroes in the health and wealth field. Look out for images of Australia’s No.1 income earners (and soon to be #80 in terms of Isagenix Millionaires) David & Irene.


2. Isagenix Review – The 30 Day Program For Busy Mums

I recently found this video by Lisa Devereaux and I instantly loved it. Unlike most marketing videos it’s very low-key and it’s unashamedly targeted to busy stay at home mums. Lisa invites us into her home, with her twin daughters and does a really good job of introducing the flagship product The 30 day Program. She also balances the video with some business asking people how would an extra $100 a week help them.


3. The Isagenix Weight Loss Solution

Here’s another Isagenix videos that does an excellent job of explaining the health benefits (especially in terms of energy and weight-loss) of the various programs and whats more it’s specially tailored for the Australian audience with testimonials from all manner of people.


4. Shane Freels Talks Isagenix

While this video is tailored towards athletes its also an excellent video for people who want to know the ‘Who, What and Why’ about the products. It’s quite in-depth and you leave knowing alot about individual components of the system. Shane makes it easy to talk about the products by doing it for you!


5. Isagenix Athletes

Isagenix is a fantastic solution for athletes wanting to improve their performance and reduce their recovery times. Featuring a wide range of athletes from Olympians, Body builders, natural athelets and martial artists it shows the many ways Isagenix can cater for these varying athletes. Great stuff!


6. Telemore Length and Ageing – Whats Ageing You?

A great high quality video is that it provides more scientific backing and information for people who need to know why Isagenix is cutting edge and especially talks about the Amazing Product B.


7. Pyramid Scheme Cartoon

Last but not least this video features two cute cartoon characters discussing about whether Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme. This is an excellent video that address the silent fears many people have about network marketing but in a fun and hilarious way.



Further Resources:

http://www.IsaMovie.com   This is the first site that I bring new prospects people to if I don’t have a specific video for them, it’s a fantastic video resource of all the main product and business videos

http://www.IsaProduct.com  You don’t have to know everything about the products because this site does it for you, take people with questions and ask them to use the Search feature. What to know whether Isagenix is Gluten free? Just search!

http://anz.isafyi.com  The main hub for all things about Isagenix Australia. Most current and up to date info about events, new products and sciencey stuff

http://www.InspirednHealthy.com.au   My own company website 🙂


Hope you’ve enjoyed watching the 7 Essential Isagenix Australia videos. Are there any videos you think should also be included in this list?