If you’re an internet marketer, or even if you’re just starting out then you’re prone to buying all sorts of gadgets and programs that promise to make your online life easier but simply take up space on your hard drive hardly ever used. However there are some things that are too important to not have. So I’ve made a list of my top 7 Essential Internet Marketing Tools that I simply can’t live without. I dare you to find a more essential list but it’s not an exhaustive or definitive list. Some of these are are very logical but perhaps you might be surprised by some.

Have fun reading these and see if you already have these things or will need them.

1. Mac Book Pro (2010) and an ADSL 2+ connection.

You can’t live the laptop lifestyle without a laptop! It’s a shiny piece of space aged luggage but I thoroughly love my Mac Book Pro and since I’ve purchased it we’ve been almost inseparable in 2010 (yes ancient by todays standards I know). While I’m sure you can get buy with some light weight netbooks and there’s plenty of great brands out there I love my Mac Book Pro because it’s my general work horse, and yet it still turns heads.  Laptops are essential internet marketing tools You need a machine that can surf the net fast, play movies and dvds, burn *ahem* backup copies of music, do some video editing and play the occasional session of World of Warcraft. It has a great camera, excellent screen and does Skype with ease. Did I mention it’s still pretty??

You also need a pretty decent internet plan and download speeds because as an internet marketer you’re always downloading files, uploading videos or watching ‘free webinars’ that have a great shiny object to buy at the end of them. being in Australia I recommend iiNet and TGP. However I don’t recommend Dodo (even though they’re cheap and you get a free Xbox 360) and as a current customer I can say their broadband is serviceable at best, and ridiculously glitchy at worse. shame on you Dodo.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Image courtesy of T3

I upgraded from my ancient Blackberry earlier this year to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Without a doubt it has been one of the best buying decisions I’ve made this year. The wife has an iPhone 4 and we also have had an iPad for almost 2 years. And it surprises me how much more I prefer the Galaxy Note II. Apart from it’s speed and ease of use, the camera takes awesome pics (much better than the iPhone) and it makes for a great on the fly HD video recorder. Also it makes for a very handy portable Wifi device – a definite  life saver.

Then there’s the size which is very noticeable when comported to an iPhone 5. In the beginning it did feel large but you quickly get used to it – making web browsing an enjoyable experience. I remember school kids asking if I thought my phone was too big. I think I gave the best reply I’ve given since that day.

‘My phone isn’t too big, your phones are just too small’.

Yes, I actually OWNED someone.

3. Google Apps/ docs

Google docs are essential internet marketing tools. This surprised even me because I’ve been a Microsoft word guy for years, and I love the Apple suit as well but it’s surprising that Google docs is a great (abet simple) alternative to Word and Excel. I check all my email accounts from my Gmail. I do my docs on Google. Still gotta try the other stuff…

I love the new primary, promotions and updates tabs on my email. Many marketers decried the tabs as a way of ‘killing their livelihoods’. Trust internet marketers to make a big fuss. But it’s been great at sorting my life, my inbox. And, there’ still some marketers coming into my primary inbox. Why, because they’re great value. Just like my emails right??

On another note, I recommend you get Boomerang for Google Chrome and Gmail. Very useful little app. Say you have a bill, which you don’t need to or want to look at right now. Well with Boomerang you can simply send it back out and get it to fly into your inbox at a time that suits you (like say a day before the bill is due). Nifty stuff.

4. iMove and Camtasia.

Movie editing, screen captures, short testimonials and webinar recordings are essential internet marketing tools of an internet marketer. iMovie is an excellent, simple and comprehensive movie editing suite. Camtasia for Mac is indispensable for recording live screen movies. Obviously there are PC alternatives like MovieMaker and Camtasia for PC. If you’re on a budget I recommend Jing (though it only does 5 minute videos it’s helpful if you just need to shoot a quick screencast for an outsourcer or client) and Audacity for sound. Very cool, free and just as good as the expensive stuff.

5. WordPress & HTML (the basic stuff)

Websites are essential internet marketing tools and if you’re gonna be an internet marketer (especially in the beginning) you’re gonna have to learn BASIC website stuff and wordpress makes it almost idiot proof. You can break wordpress, I’ve done it a couple of times. WordPress is indispensable because not only is it easy but its an open book into you, it’s your Brand HQ, it’s your sales person and your Web store. And everything can be changed around with a new theme, or some plugins or extensions.

I know how to install, set up a basic site setting and upload a new theme. Basic stuff but you don’t always want to be at the mercy of the tech guys or even your outsourcer when a couple of clicks from you could change that. And while you’re at it, learn some basic HTML (and even graphic editing if you want) so you know how to create links, tables and insert pictures etc.

Udemy is an excellent place to learn stuff like WordPress for free or paid.

6. A reputable email broadcasting system.

You ability to build a list is one of your most important assets to your business. Autoresponders are essential internet marketing tools. I was with Aweber for the longest time and now I’ve switched to Getresponse (and I might not switch back!). Both are great in their own right but i found Getresponse was just more simple and graphically intuitive. You MUST get a email provider and learn how to email market and create optin forms and squeeze pages etc.

If you’re an internet marketer don’t go for Mailchimp despite its tempting free subscriber plan and cute ways. They”re not very affiliate marketing friendly and will simply freeze and ban your entire account. I have many subscribers and emails stuck there right now.

7. A descent brain geared for marketing/ Positive Mindset

All of these tools won’t work unless you do. All the shiny push button toys and apps won’t mean jack if you’re afraid to market and afraid to put in the hard work. And conversely, you may be happy to put in hard work but if you’re afraid to make mistakes you won’t get far either. because your career will be built upon learning from your mistakes. In my case, I succeeded not because I’m so good but despite my stupidity and flaws simply because I kept going and believing.

You need a descent brain (mine is slightly dented) and a positive mindset to make it anywhere but especially online. You don’t have to be very smart (just look at my friends) but you need to be flexble and adaptive – because things will move fast. It also helps if you actually love marketing like I do.

Ok so thats my list of my top 7 internet marketing tools and products that i simply couldn’t live without. Okay, I kinda cheated, if you really counted there was like double that amount but I hope you got value out of it and perhaps you might be surprised.

This is obviously not a definitive or exhaustive list but it’s a start. However what this list doesn’t include is how you are expected to make a living online aka make money.

Well thats actually the easiest part – you need a top tier business model. And surprise surprise, you can check out this one with my highest recommendations here.

Wishing you success



P.s What are your top 7?