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Continuing on from my previous post where I lay down my first 10 videos I am now showcasing my next 10 videos. Still running behind these videos seemed tougher to do but I had some help with great advice from fellow internet marketers in the Success With Zac Facebook group. I am hoping that the next ten will be easier and I’ve gotten over this hump.

If you are doing a Video Challenge I would recommend

  • staying alert to moments of inspiration and learning
  • Break bigger projects down and create multiple videos
  • Batch your video making, editing and uploading

making so many videos means that video making and product creation has to become a part of your life. I guess this is how people in the news must feel!

So without further ado, here are the Videos 11-20 of the 60 day Video Challenge

11. Why Zach Crawford Is An Online Leader

In this video I explore why I believe my mentor is an excellent online leader and what the real meaning of leadership is.


12. What I learnt from Ray Higdon’s Google Hangout

Google Hangouts are definitely the range at the moment, they seem to be very easy to do and are a great way to broadcast and record meetings. In this post I actually take the advice of Network Marketer Ray Higdon and share some of the things I’ve learnt. However, I should have created another video because I don’t share everything I’ve leant in this very informative video. (You can see the original here).


13. The New IsaLean Shake Review – Isagenix Isalean Shake Chocolate

I was overjoyed to get the new shipment of the delicious Isagenix shakes with the new and improved formula. I created a quick review comparing the latest range with the previous shakes. All thumbs up in this Isalean Shake Review!


14. How To Delete Songs Off Your iPhone

Iris came to me asking ‘How Do I delete songs off my iPhone without connecting it to the computer?’ I immediately found the solution on YouTube and then went about creating a video that was shorter (and I think that’s clearer) about how to do just that!


15. Internet Marketing Reviews Meet Rachma Abader

Rachma is an internet marketer who specialises in branding and actually lives in my own city! We have quickly become friends and accountability buddies keeping each other productive and providing helpful sounding boards. I pretty much sprung this quick video on her at the last minute and despite plenty of protest from Rachma I think we did a pretty good intro video! Her website can be reached here.


16. 20 Blog Post Ideas by Samith Pich

A bigger video than usual where I go over 20 Blog Post Ideas which you can also translate to video.


17.How To Zoom In Your Mac Screen

My 15 month old daughter, Nalina (wishing Zac a happy birthday) loves to sit with me while I type sometimes. She also loves to bash on the keyboard. And somehow, this is the second time this has happened, she somehow magnifies the screen and I have no idea how to ‘un-magnify’ it! A google search later its all good and 30 minutes later I have a short tutorial on Youtube on how to do the same!


18. Sneaky Tip On How To Reverse Engineer Websites

In this post i share how I do some ninja type website snooping as I look under the bonnets of successful websites to see how I can reverse engineer the websites. Cool stuff.


19. Why I Am Changing My Website

A few days ago I decide on a new direction with my website from one purely about personal development to one that embodies more of my interests but is also focussed around helping home entrepreneurs make more money from home. Why I changing my website is all discussed here.


20. Changing My Website In Progress 1

The first part of three videos going through how I am changing my website and explaining my decisions. Hopefully it helps others with their website construction too.

Thanks for watching all, some or any of these videos. Hopefully they’ve proven helpful and inspires you to create your own!