I’ve just returned from spending 9 days in the Bahamas at the splendid grounds of the Atlantis Resort for Matt Lloyd’s Titanium Mastermind and delivered some training at his Immersion Program.

It was a simply wonderful and memorable experience, and I got to meet some amazing people and some of my ‘idols’ and mentors such as Michael Oliver, John Chow, Terry lamb, Carolina Milan and Zach Crawford, not to mention some inspiring attendees.

Back to Reality…

After getting over some minor jet-lag i.e passing out on the floor of my living room at 3pm I went back to work and had a review of my 5 month goals and looked at my progress. And…. it wasn’t pretty…

I wrestled as to whether I should provide an update but I realized it goes against my ethos of being transparent and accountable in this blog.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan… and sometimes you just plain fail

So without further ado here’s my progress report in my 5 month goals.

And yes, did I mention it’s not pretty?


  • Be able to briskly run around the block without stopping

I went through most of August having a pretty decent running schedule, running at least 4 days a week using my Couch to 5k app on my smartphone. I actually love the simple act of running around my neighborhood, and its a great time to clear my head as working on the computer all day can leave you very much in your head all day. Exercise is great for grounding you.

However after about 4 weeks I missed a few days and I got out of the swing of things and I don’t think I have run for the past 2 or so weeks!

So I don’t feel like I’m any closer to running around my block.

On the plus side the days are much sunnier and I’m looking forward to getting back into running.

  • I will be 65 kg, fit, trim and healthy

When I started this challenge I was edging 70 kgs. Which is actually the heaviest I’ve ever been!

Coming back from the Bahamas I weighed 72 kgs!

Apart form walking for about 30 mins daily in total making the 10-15 min trek form one side of the resort to the other to get to the convention centre, it was pretty much sitting still and lots of good Carribean food!

(Americans know how to do burgers…)

So I’m further away from my idea weight, not fit (from not exercising)m not trim, I have a burgeoning belly… and not necessarily healthy.

On another note I came to a strange realization that the foods I was consuming weren’t helping me. The times I actually felt good and alive were when I ate two delicious salads… connection much?

As I said above I am going to get back in the saddle after falling off in this area.

Overall Grade: C


  • I will earn $70k gross from multiple sources of income

My goal was to earn $70 by 31st December. this equates to $14,000 per month, $3500 per week and $500 per day.

These are my stats for August and September.

Coaching Commissions $11937.50

Affiliate Commissions: $6683.60

Isagenix $774.62

Total: $19395.22

My goal was to hit $28,000 by October 1st and so I’m behind by $8605

How I’m going to rectify this is to start up some paid traffic campaigns using solo ads and learn about FB PPC via Traffic masters Academy

  • I will bring down my credit card debt to less than $2,000

On the 1st August my credit card was -$8,095.04

On the 1st September it was -$6,415.75

On the 1st October my credit card was 15,670.06

By September I had got my credit card down close to $6,000. Unfortunately the family and I booked our family holiday on the card and I used my card to attend the Titanium Mastremind with airfares, food and travel. I also invested in some internet marketing courses, Leadpages, Getresponse and others.

So my grade on this is D- !


  • Complete 2 speeches for Toastmasters

I haven’t completed any more speeches for Toastmasters but I have been fortunate to be be a Toastmasters for the evening, I’ve done 2 evaluations and was a Time Keeper at a local speech contest.

My next secduled speech is 27th October. What I need to do is actually purchase the entertainers manual as I believe its more suited to the speeches I’d like to wok on.

  • I will let go of my paintings in my garage

I haven’t let one painting go yet in my Garage. Though I did do a sweep through in the garage.

Ok I sucked here

  • I will bring in 10 new MOBE Licensees

I have brought in 2 MOBE licensees since August, one of which upgraded to Titanium (hence the $6k payday – 2 x $1000, plus 1 x $3000)

Grade: D


  • Help Eve improve her spelling and maths and help Lili get a job

With a busy schedule it hasn’t been easy but we’ve spending an hour a day doing homework working with Eve’s Numeracy and Literacy skills which still need work.

Lili is still looking for a job and we’ve applied for a few but no reply yet. Fingers crossed!

  • Plan our family holiday

This is one thing that we’ve plan and completed. The Pich family is going to spend 5 days in Bali (the girls first trip there) and we’ll be staying at the Breezes Resort in Jan of 2015 🙂

Grade: B-


  • Speak on stage about internet marketing and record it

I had my first speaking spotlight session at the Home Business Summit in August. I utilized a lot of the structure I learnt from Present like a Pro from Benjamin’s Harvey Authentic Edcation. And the feedback was really heart warming.

I thought I didn’t record it but I’ve found a recording! So I will upload it as soon as possible.

  • Create a responsive list of 1000 subscribers

I haven’t created any subscribers yet as I’ve haven’t completed the general mechanics of it. having said I’m testing out a hush hush system with a good friend of mine which I will be sending cold solo ad traffic to to test conversions.

On another note I have to complete my Blog email subscriber listing.

So I have a squeeze page, lead pages and get response. I also have a 28 day autorespinder sequece for my cold traffic and I need to create my general set up for my blog subscribers

  • Move 90% into L2 work with a team of 3 L1 coaches

I currently still have only one L1 but I’m starting to do more L2 work. This involves a jump in actually coaching duties but represents a better ROI on time.

Grade: C+


  • Complete and implement the book ‘The 5 Love Languages”

I am up to page 157 and I commit to completing it by the end of the month

Grade: C

Overall Notes:

Overall, I’m actually quite disappointed with my results. I feel it even stronger now because its out in the open and subject to scrutiny. I feel like I should have been more focussed and completed more.

I’m going to focus myself on re-applying my efforts.

So the lesson I’m learning from this is that sometimes we fail in our undertaking and fall short of our goals.

But doesn’t mean we give up on them, they’re still worthy goals and still worthy of the time and effort to reach them.

I need to be more structured and thoughtful in how I attend to these goals and how and what order I will complete them. So perhaps go back into the drawing board there.

But I hope ‘my failure here’ can provide you with lessons, and I hope it makes you committed to following your own goals and dreams.