Have you heard the saying BE, DO, HAVE…?

Each and every one of us is capable of living an extraordinary, abundant and meaningful life.

However there is a BUT…

and the but is FIRST we must BECOME the person we are destined to become (BE) to do the things that person would do (DO) to have the things that person would attract (HAVE).

Today it’s very easy to Have the things before we DO the work or BE the person we need to become. It’s easy to get the finance or the credit to buy the fancy car, or the clothes or even the house without too much financial pain.

It’s easy to hunt for the lastest diet pill, or get surgery or take steroids instead of doing the work necessary to get to our health goals.

And just to be clear, I’ve tried (and occassionally still do lol) to circumvent ‘Paying the Price’.

But if you aren’t willing to pay the price, and the price has to be paid daily, then be prepared to pay the pain of regret.

This requires work of the ‘highest order’, the all important and most important work, that is mastering our mental faculties and learning to live in a perpetual ‘state of being’ that resonates that person that we must become.

Believing is seeing… not the other way around.

First you must believe you are the creator of whatever you focus your attention on achieving. This requires a ‘bullet proof’ mindset because what you desire has not yet been brought forth into physical existence for you. That is your life work and yours alone. No one else can create your state of being: your desire, belief, faith and action will determine your results.

Take a few moments each day and watch an informative Video. Every single Video below has an important message / lesson to be learned.

Enjoy and leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas. If you know of any other great mindset videos please share them with me below 🙂 As always, Believe in Yourself, Be Yourself and Be True to Yourself.   – Samith Pich

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