I was recently on a webinar by the speaking, thought leader powerhouse that is Sam Cawthorn. Here are my main notes and takeaways.

4 Irrefutable Laws of Thought Leaders

  1. Positioning
  2. Content – intellectual property
  3. Platform – online/off skills
  4. 4. Packaging – evergreen and sharing

(Authority Communication Framework)

Value is not value unless it solves the pain of your market.

i.e ‘Do Talk to Strangers’. ‘Get Rich Slow’ vs Get Rich Quick’ ‘Digital – Blurring the lines between our digital minds and our analogue minds’

How To Become An Expert in your Niche

  1. Read the Top 10 best selling books in your niche on Amazon
  2. Watch the top 10 Ted talks in your Niche
  3. Interview the top 10 celebrities in your niche (expert by associations)

The Influence Pyramid

5 – Top Level – Celebrity Authority
4. Authority – You are ‘known’ as the authority rather than be self proclaimed. Paid, no longer chasing, you are chased
3. Thought Leader – get paid for how I think. Disrupt your marketplace. Create a new idea by thinking different.
2. Expert – Go there but its no longer good enough
1. The Market – Motivational Inspirational speakers, coach, author,trainers etc

The 3 Speaker Markets:

1. Corporate – Key Note Presenter. Deliver a message (no sell). 480 events happening each day that require a paid professional to speak on that stage. Ave price $3-$5k
2. Education – Schools. Sparks the interest of the person who writes the cheques i.e mental Health/ resilience / career
3. Public – sell a public on stage. Give as much value as you can. Then ask them to take out their wallets. Charisma doesn’t always equal character. Don’t satisfy your clients create raving fans

Niche Positioning System:

Authority Communication Framework

2 Reason Why We Blog = Connection Points
  1. formulating content and our IP (2 blogs a week x 52 weeks = 100 blogs! = Book
  2. Credibility and Positioning

Always address the problem

One Disruptive Idea – From Bounce back to Bounce forward
  1. Get the Evidence behind it (Head)
  2. Metaphor – Use Story (Heart)
  3. Call to action i,e Get my 3 step system