Straight after my stay in Kota Kinabula, Borneo I took an easy plane ride to Singapore to finally meet with Charles Ngo for his highly coveted Affcelerator Training.


Benjamin Young (Left) Charles Ngo (right)

Impeccably dressed, and exuding a quiet confidence Charles may be small in stature but he’s a giant in the CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate marketing industry. With a great story of peserverance and iron will he’s become one of the most sought after and highest grossing internet marketers in recent history.

Primarily his expertise is in Mobile and Facebook strategies and traffic but his real expertise is taking a systems based  and relationship based approached to internet marketing which has meant he’s been able to scale to multiple $x,xxx,xxx.

I had the pleasure of staying at the Carlton Hotel which is quite a spiffy business hotel and home to one of the best buffet dining options I’ve been to. Singaporean’s are very particular about their food!

Affcelerator is a 3 days, hardcore workshop style training filled with 7 figure insights, case studies and very high level training. On the second night we were treated to a group dinner, and on the third night he treated us to networking party at the Sky Club in the Raffles building (something he swears he will never do again!).


Here’s my 4 big takeaways from attending Charles Ngo’s flag ship event Affcelerator for three days in Singapore.

1. Focus, focus and focus on one offer, one traffic source and MASTER it. If you work on knowing one traffic source inside and out for the next 30-90 days you will have developed not only a skill but real life experience – now thats a monetiseable skill and knowledge set.

2. Systems. Having a system will take you out of working in your business to working on your business. Having a system is the difference between making $1,000 a day to $100,000 (Hint: It’s not about working harder). Take the time to document your process, create S.O.Ps and now you can hand it off to someone else to do. Systems is lots of little things adding up to one big thing. Stop being the bottle neck in your business

3. 95% of the traffic and IM advice out there is BS. Whether its unintentional or unintentional. You cannot even imagine how the big players play it’s another game entirely that unless you spend time with a multi-millionaire who shows you whats behind the door you;d never be the wiser.

4. The real edge is not SOP’s, systems, great offers, a specific traffic source. The real edge is developing and nurturing key relationships with people who can open doors for you. It’s about social engineering and acting with integrity. There’s no bigger secret than the power of relationships.

Here’s an interview I did in the morning with Charles where we discuss more of these topics in depth.

Affcelerator is everything you could ask for in terms of a high end CPA training and coaching.

Here’s an interview with Benjamin Yong – a student of Charles who has gone on to earn $xx,xxx a day with CPA Marketing!

Overall Comments

Affcelerator is THE Premier CPA Training from THE most respected CPA marketer at the time of this blog post (and most likely for much longer). The training here has the potential to help anyone earning $500-$1,000 a day quickly become a person who makes $10,000+ a day (See disclaimer below).

People have already asked me:

‘Sam would you recommend I take Affcelerator? Is it worth the money? Would it help me?’

My answer is yes, yes, and not sure.

YES. I would highly recommend Affcelerator. In MY business it has the potential to be worth 10X what I paid for it. And just to be clear, it’s not cheap. In fact it’s darn expensive when you compare it against alot of the WSO/ JVZOO junk out there.

But I always think not of the cost but what I can gain from learning form the best.

Time and mistakes are expensive. If I can have the opportunity to pick the brains of a million dollar earner and NOT make those mistakes AND in fact turn them around and become wildly profitable then its more than worth the money.

Hey there’s nothing stopping you from NOT investing in Affcelerator, and instead do the tried and true method of testing traffic, testing campaigns and optimising. It’s tried and true and thats how Charles did it and it took him 8 months and ALOT of money to finally be profitable.

But I guarantee you, if you follow Charles, if you believe in his character and what he teaches is of value then you’re most likely going to to want to take his Affcelerator course ANYWAY.

So you can join now or you can join later. Either way, you still have to do the work.

Is it worth the money?

Money is always interesting. Because its never about the money its about the value.

And Charles is all about value.

Like I said before, this Singapore Workshop was high class all the way. We ate like kings, (and a few ate like queens). We were catered for and it was simply amazing to look into the minds, systems and processes of people earning over a million dollars a year.

Now I just want to be clear, even if you had $10k to attend Charles Ngo’s workshop there’s no guarantee that he would even accept you. And there’s no guarantee you’ll make any money or be successful. Thats up to you.

But Charles has pride and a reputation to keep. As a high achiever he hates failing. And if you come on board you’re connected for life.

With a maximum of 30 seats, a waiting list for future workshops and a horde of people waiting in line with fistfuls of dollars to throw at him Charles is in an ineviable position of being able to be really choosey. So the bigger question is – ‘How are YOU going to get the most value out of the training and keep Charle’s success record clean?’

Would it help me?

Not sure. That depends. On you.

But firstly lets just be clear on who this is NOT for:

  • People who are brand new to CPA marketing
  • People who are looking for a ‘business opportunity/ or get rich scheme’
  • People who don’t have a few extra thousand dollars to invest in traffic

So if you’re a CPA Newbie and you want to learn the basics of CPA check out Stack that Money Forum or Affiliate Play Book. Both are around $99 per month.

But if you have run a few campaigns, and if you failed and you’re looking to get the edge over your competitors, and if you’re not willing to give up and you are determined to crush it in CPA then perhaps it may be for you.

I repeat: If you’ve spent at least $1k on traffic. If you’ve failed. If you’re break even. Then this might be for you.

If your campaigns are at breakeven or even slightly profitable then its definitely for you.

Charles will have to interview you and make the final decisions


  • You get three days with Charles Ngo and his no.1 students. I repeat, you get 3 days with Charles Ngo!
  • The highest level of training in regards to scaleable strategies and systems  for CPA
  • The training on angles and cloaking was worth the investment
  • The food was really good.
  • The further masterminding and close networks from this workshop is priceless
  • Charles concentrates on MOBILE and FB PPC
  • If you wake up early you’ll see Charles in the gym (living what he preaches)


  • At 10k, the investment its not cheap. (But not the most expensive either)
  • Unless you’re in the vicinity of the workshop you will most likely have to fly and get accommodation
  • You will need to to have a decent ‘testing budget’ of around $5k
  • Charles concentrates on MOBILE and FB PPC
  • Charles can squat more than I can.

Now if all of this doesn’t scare you but actually makes you inspired and excited then what you want to do is send me an email and lets have a chat about whether Affcelerator is right for you or not. I won’t give you any BS.

If you’ve found Charles vai this blog post and you decide to make the investment into this course and into your own business then I have a big bonus for you.

Add me on Facebook and lets chat about it.

Let just say that if you connect with Charles with me you will get an ‘unfair advantage’ over every other affcelerator applicant out there and you’ll be eligible for up to a $1,000 worth of free CPA coaching from me…

So send me a message and connect with me on Facebook here!

My deepest thanks goes to Charles Ngo , Benjamin Wong and Bobby Pham and the Affcelerator Team.

Full Disclaimer:

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You’re an adult and you already know that results depend entirely on you and your ability to take massive action, invest in yourself and have a great mindset. This may or may not be for you. There is no implied promise of earnings. This is a business