1. My name means ‘Running Diamond’ in Khmer
  2. I currently live in Perth, WA with my wife and girls and our pet rabbit Woodie.
  3. I’m a avid toastmaster and speaker.
  4. I made my first six figures online in 2012.
  5. I’ve coached 1000+ students online now, many going onto 6 figures themselves.
  6. I used to be a High School Arts teacher
  7. I’m a published Poet
  8. I completed the 100 pushup challenge
  9. When I was 15 I travelled Australia in an acting troupe
  10. I’ve been married twice.
  11. I’m allergic to red food colouring.
  12. I have often been asked by Cambodians where I was born. (Answer: Cambodia)
  13. I like to sing in the shower. But I sing really badly. Really. badly.
  14. My singing is pretty good compared to my dancing.
  15. I’m not allowed to garden after I once killed a cactus.
  16. Before my voice broke when I was 12 I wanted to be a rock star. See fun fact #13
  17. I don’t consider a day ‘complete’ unless I tell a Dad joke to my family.
  18. My wife is the most patient woman I know. She has to be, she’s married to me.
  19. My favourite fruit is mango.
  20. Guilty Pleasure: Game of Thrones.
  21. I was an award winning artist.
  22. I love watching standup comedy to relax.
  23. I grew up a Nintendo fan boy. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time being the greatest game of all time. Ever!
  24. I’m a recovering procrastinator with occasional lapses.
  25. I’ve given up on sugar, coffee and and tacos. Rather unsuccessfully.