Yesterday you felt the trembling feeling in your gut, you felt the winds of change sweep in which turned out to be the tremendous flapping of wings from the The Beast of The Marketing Apocalypse.

The Beast has arrived at your door with it’s diamond eyes and lion head, it’s claws of fire and ice and it’s scales bristling with ten thousand shiny things.

It has a message for you. A message of untold and unknown power.

A scroll that sings to you a song that you vaguely remember and that stirs your soul.

The scroll calls for you.

And since YOU are the hero of the story – it’s up to you to get it!

But are you brave enough? I guess you have to be…

The Beast can feel your fear but slowly opens it’s jaws.

In it’s mouth are the putrid remains of hundreds of old niches and industries but also a message.

Hands shaking, face grimacing, expecting at any second the jaws of steel to snap shut…

But you grab the scroll.

And in that second of bravery, The Beast suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke leaving behind the prize in your hand.

You carefully unravel it as it could be centuries old…

Suddenly the contents of the scroll, 10,000 lost souls screams out at you, whipping back your head, blasting back your hair!

Happy voices, sad voices, tormented voices, wailing voices, they all come forth in a torrent of energy and sound.

One by one, the souls gradually leave and you realise they have all been saying the same thing…

You peer into the scroll and the letters are clearly written in beautiful calligraphy. It could be black and white letters or it could be blue and gold, its hard to tell…

But in the letters, the message is clear.

Written on the scroll that was left to you by the Beast of the Marketing Apocalypse is the riddle:

I have Towns But No Houses.
Lakes, But No Water.
Forests But No Trees.
And Mountains But No Rocks.
What Am I?

Your brain groans and twists for the answer.




And then suddenly the answer comes to you!

A Map.

The answer is MAP. But where’s the MAP? There’s nothing on the other side.

You mutter to yourself… ‘What on earth does MAP mean?’

Not at all amused at the turn of events, you wonder if this is all some hallucination caused from the two day pasta you ate earlier when suddenly something whizzes past your face, hitting the doorway with a twang.

A dagger!

You stagger back and kick the door shut instinctively just as you hear two more daggers hit the door. DANK! DANK!

The tips of the sharp blades peek through the splintered wood.

Behind you, a deep voice speaks with urgency;

“You better get off your ass if you want to live.’

You barely have time to notice the tall stranger in robes as a loud crashing noise is heard from the front of the house. Some groans, and gnashing of teeth is heard. They don’t sound inviting.

“Quick!’ He hisses, “Dankness comes! You’ve got the scroll! LETS GO!’

You notice his eyes, they are stern and purposeful. You notice the sword sheathed in its hilt. It looks important.

‘What’s happening here? Who are you? Why am I in danger? What is MAP??’ You ask alarmed, as the crashing sound grows louder. And the groans and the shuffle of feet grow louder as well.

‘No time. We must get to The CITADEL, the Architect will know what to do.’

Before you can ask anymore questions, he blows a white powder in your face and suddenly everything gets very heavy as numbing darkness beckons.

The last thing you feel is the sensation of being lifted and the beating of heavy wings.

Below you, a dark and monstrous thing howls in anguish…

Learn what MAP is, what the CITADEL is and who the Architect. Click here to continue