When people think of internet marketers, they usually think of Guru’s from the states or even across the seas in the United Kingdom. But it turns out there is a vibrant community of  internet marketers right here down-under and I think you should meet these Australian internet marketers if you don’t already know of them – because I believe you will hear about them soon enough!

I belong to a particular Facebook group of online misfits simply called MOBE Australia and New Zealand. We all belong to a company called MOBE which stands for My Online Business Empire, started by (an aussie fellow) Matt Lloyd. And you can often find us discussing current issues online and helping each other become better marketers. There’s a good mix of new, mid and experienced marketers in the group.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to some online faces you may or may not know!

Jenny Jordan – www.jennyjordan.com.au

JENNY JORDANSimply put, Jenny is an online treasure. Her online journey started some 3 years ago as she worked on building websites and working part time basis, looking at ways to bring extra dollars into the family budget to make ends meet. 

In her own words ” In the earlier days I found it was difficult to find someone that was in the trenches and was successful and willing to teach others… In a way I was glad that nothing was handed to me on a platter and what I know is through my own research and finding the right people to model that would take me to the next level.  It was through their mentoring that I was able to learn what really works as long as you take massive action.  That is where people fall off they become permanent students never game to take a step on their own.

Jenny has a wonderfully named community called ‘The Lip Stick Lounge’ aimed at educating and helping women from any field online to become more accountable and successful online. Check her out here

Connect with Jenny Jordan through FB here http://facebook.com/jenny.jordan.5

Christopher Doherty – http://dohertycontention.com

Christopher DohertyChristopher is relatively new to internet marketing but he has a rather unique story. He was born with a disability which stopped him walking ‘properly’ like other people do.  Apart from the usual teasing and pressures of school things were average for Chris until he was about to finish school. In his own words…

My disability never came into question until I was ready to leave school and embark on a career.
I walked into my careers advisor officer at school sat down and proceeded to tell him what I wanted to do for a job (scientific assistant). While I was doing this I noticed he never looked me in the eyes or even in my direction once but simply said to me “Go on a disability pension and you will get a disabled car as well”.
I just walked out of his office absolutely furious about the contempt to which I had been treated… He had already made up his mind about my future…

It wasn’t until 2007 after a successfully learning a trade that his legs ‘gave up the ghost’ and he faced the prospect of living on the disability pension. And making a living online became a way out… Check out more about Christopher here.

Connect with Christopher on facebook here 

Scott Smith – www.7figuresurfer.com

Scott SmithScott is a man with some amazing skills on and off the water! At the age of 18 he was a qualified plumber fitter and always made time to compete in surfing competitions around the world. He’s battled some big waves in his time but one of his biggest challenges was battling leukemia for almost 3 years. Against the odds he won that fight and has been healthy ever since. But that time forced him to rethink how he would earn his trade and it led him online. Nowadays he’s happy to report that he has gone from working full time as a plumber to ‘earning $45,ooo on 5 months online working part-time.’

In his own words: “Yes I didn’t become a pro-surfer though I did win a lot of junior competitions. But if I hadn’t got sick I would be on a different path and wouldn’t have met the girl of my dreams… Now I get to go surfing anytime I want, where ever I want, and even getting paid to do it.

Check out more of Scott’s journey here. Connect with him on Facebook here.

 Jenelle Livet – http://jenellelivet.com

Jenelle has been online for a number of years, and her journey started in earnest one day after she left her ‘high flying hospital job’ and went to ‘one of those seminars’ where someone was selling the idea of getting rich quick online. She quickly went down the rabbit hole of buying lots of push button products that promised the world and gave out very little.

After ten years she says ‘I still haven’t found the push button riches but I have found the only way to be successful online is to focus on one thing…” and in regards to generating traffic she recommends “you don’t have to know every traffic source out there but you have to stick to one thing until you master it’ And it seems like she’s deffinately master a good one!

To learn what Jenelle has learnt simply go here. To connect with her on Facebook go here.

Ernest Lim –  http://ernestlim.com

Ernest LimErnest Lim is a fun loving guy who enjoys music and photography. He was born in Singapore and lived there most of his life till he moved to Australia. He is happily married and has 3 beautiful children. For over 14 years, Ernest worked as an Engineer. When his second child was born, his wife had to leave her job to be a full time mum. The reduction of family income drove him to look for alternative income stream…

In his own words: “Through a proven business model, coupled with being mentored by 6-7 figure earners in the Internet Marketing industry, I began to have my most profitable year ever in 2013...”

To learn what Ernest has learnt simply go here. To connect with him on Facebook go here.

Katie Johnston – Www.katieEjohnston.com

Katie JohnstonKatie lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast on the eastern side of Australia with her husband Neal, and 2 dogs, an old Border Collie called Basil and Lucy, an Australian Terrier. You think that most internet marketers are sedantry creatures but Katie can run rings around the fittest of men having been in Ironman Triathlon for many years, so health and fitness are a big part of her life. 

In her own words:  “I was getting very frustrated with the misleading information out there and the people peddling “get rich quick” schemes with no training and support! After much searching,  I found exactly what I was looking for in Matt Lloyd’s My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Empire. Training, support, one on one coaching and a system that WORKS to make money online.

Connect with Katie some more either at her blog here or on Facebook here

Kate Clark McCarthy –  http://homebasedaffiliatemum.com

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.36.03 PMIn her own words:

As a home based mum on maternity leave second time around, I wanted to utilise my time to improve our family’s financial situation as this time I will have a portion of leave without any income.

I have my own business as does my husband and they are both reliant on us and our clients.  I also work part time and love it however it is also reliant on me.  So over the years I have been searching for opportunities that if set up well can earn money while we sleep, eat and play!

Affiliate Marketing stood out as one of those opportunities.  My time is in high demand with two little people and work; and this is something that can be done when and where we want.

To learn more about Kate just go to either at her blog here or on Facebook here

Evelyn van der Harst – http://evelynvanderharst.com

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.45.21 PMEverlyn is someone else starting her online journey and just like me she has been a teacher most of her life, teaching little children, 5-8 years old. Though you wouldn’t believe it she’s heading for retirement sometime soon and coupled with getting less teaching days has meant that she has had to go out looking for opportunities to earn another side income. She recently found something that she could work from home that were ethical, not SCAM, and could provide real income, value and information for myself and other people. 

In one of her most recent posts you’d be happy to hear that her peserverance has paid off – in her own words:

“In the last two days I have earned $2400. $1200 while i was sleeping, and $1200 while watching a sensational Football game here in Adelaide. The persistence I have is paying off!!!”

To connect with Evelyn just go to either at her website here or on Facebook here

Peter J. Tonkin – http://peterjtonkin.com/blog

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.56.30 PMPeter is a self confessed long life entrepreneur and ‘life-style architect’. He caught the entreperenial bug early and early in his career was a top sales manager and owned a large IT consulting company. Howver early in 2ooo he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and given two years before he would require dialysis. In that time he did his best to get into good shape but obviously it forced him to re-assess his life and where it was heading. 

In his own words: “I have now been in the Internet Marketing home business for the last two and a half years and have experienced my ups and downs and learnt who are the true mentors from the so called gurus. I now have two business models that I focus on. One being my primary and the other being a support and educational system. I never believe in putting your eggs in the one basket, a lesson I learnt when working in property investment and it has done me well to this day.”

To learn more about Peter just go to either at his website here or on Facebook here

David Waters – https://davidwaterweb.wordpress.com

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 12.03.28 AMDavid is someone else with big dreams and a thirst for all things internet marketing and mindset related. Originally form Auckland, New Zealand he now resides in Adelaide. After a major car accident and a marriage breakup David became a Remedial massage Therapist working from home. While he loved his business he’s the first to admit he was still doing many hours and financially not getting anywhere fast

In his own words David is all about giving back: “My aim is each year to give back. What I mean by this is The Flying Doctors (Australia) and BINSA (Brain injury Group) Helped me immensely and in the coming years what ever I make I will give them a total of 5% of whatever I earn as a donation

To follow David journey just bookmark his website here and connect with him on Facebook here.

Christine Chow – http://christinechow.com.au

Christine ChowChristine is a powerhouse to be reckoned with, straight shooting and always helpful you should definitely book mark her blog. Despite her success she’s the first to tell you that her journey started 7 years ago when she was still struggling to “make it” online. She went from working in a job she hated to making money online in a rather short period of time and she’s happy to show others.

In her own words: ” With no mentors, too much information and very little time – you can imagine the amount of success I received at the end of my 20 hour work days online… It was unbearable and extremely frustrating…

However today, under the valuable guidance of several mentors, effective strategizing, a whole lot more experience and a passion to match, I am now successfully building my online business and it is growing everyday!

I am actually making money online.

To connect with Christine  just go to her  website here and connect with him on Facebook here.

Follow Us, Share Your Story

As you can see we’re an eclectic bunch, with varied stories and at different points in our journeys online. But what they all share in common is a desire to improve themselves, and to improve the lives of others.

Now this is just the tip of the ice berg in terms of members in this group (other wise we’d be here all day!)

But what I hope it illustrates is that there are real people making this whole internet marketing thing work and making money online. You might choose to join us or you can just seek to get some help.

Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and perhaps your story 🙂

Until we meet again,

Never stop taking action and may all your online dreams come true!


Samith Pich