Hi folks! Glad you’re checking up on me as it helps keep me accountable.

If you haven’t checked out my previous 100 push up challenge post you can quickly recap here.

Second week of my 100 pushup challenge. I’m feeling good until I did the test and because I managed to do 60 consecutive pushups the program leap frogged me from 100 reps to 170 reps over 5 sets. Those 70 extra were killa…

Check out 1min29sec – How cute is my daughter Nalina! *sigh*

What I’m also not showing here is me doing a slight warm up previously (I did a 3km run) and doing some tricep stretches and shoulder and chest stretches afterwards – because stretching and cooling down AFTER exercise is important yo!

See you soon in the next video!

P.s I was a bit nervous doing a whole day deep cleanse on my pushup day, but after a 3km run, 180 pushups and group fitness in the afternoon, I’m still good. Tomorrow is another matter though… lol