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I really don’t set out to be wise and inspiring every day. Many days I’m not and I want to hide from the world.

But lately my heart has things it feels it needs to share, so I share heart felt things.
There’s no other real reason apart from the fact that I’m compelled to do it.

I used to be an artist and I was compelled to draw and write. Now I’m compelled to write Facebook statuses and blog posts (I’m not sure if thats a move up or down lol).

But if I speak from the heart then perhaps someones heart needed to hear that. And perhaps it lifts the burden they are carrying momentarily. And they find some more strength.

Thats a good day.

My heart has been broken, it’s been blind. But I’ve come to know thats its rarely been wrong.

[tweetthis]’The world is filled with hearts that want to resonate with your heart’ – Ralph Marston.[/tweetthis]

1. How To Not Fail In Goal Setting

There’s your huge audacious vision. There’s the mission you are on right now. And there’s the reason why you do everything that you do.

If you only achieve 10% of your huge vision. If you fail short in your missions. But if you never forget and still work from a place of honoring the reasons why you do everything you will have not failed. Not by a long shot.

So have faith. The road is long. Start walking as if you were led because whatever you are seeking is also seeking you.

And the man who leaves his home but can still feel the embrace of those he loves, and the warmth of their kisses on his face – beware of him. He’s invincible.

2. Why Time is NOT on your side

What are you going to do when time runs out?

Time is not waiting for you. You’re trying to wait for the perfect time to become great, to reach your dreams, to reach your goals. But there is no perfect time. There never will be.

But your greatness, that dream you’ve been having FOR YEARS, time is ticking. Your clock on life is running out, while you’re reading this.

Somebody’s greatness won’t be released until you speak those words, until you write that book, until you’ve started sharing the message you’re here on this earth to share. And they need to see you get your greatness so they can finally believe in theirs.

So it’s not all about you. But it starts with you.

Go get your greatness.

3. [tweetthis]Clarity comes AFTER action, not before. @leelacosgrove[/tweetthis]

If you’re waiting for clarity to make your move, you’ll be stuck where you are forever.

DO THE THING. Any thing. It doesn’t even have to be THE thing. Just DO A THING.

Then, you’ll start to get clarity … not in a blinding light way, typically … but more in a “that bit worked, that bit didn’t” way. That growing clarity will give you confidence. And with the confidence comes more action.

And that’s how momentum happens.

(Stolen yet attributed to Leela Cosgrove). Also watch this video why Leela is a liar and a fraud.

4. The Power of Friends

There’s a moment in a friendship where somewhere along the line one (or both) of you decides to finally strip away the BS, to put down ‘the mask’ that you display to the world and you allow yourselves to be vulnerable, to be upset, to be naked and to be real.

There’s strength in that. Some people cried in front of me today. And it was an honour to witness it and to be there for them.

5. ‘I’m Feeling Good’ is a kickass moto

What ever you did or didn’t do last week is in the past.

Its a new day, its a new dawn it’s a new week.

Rekindle your purpose, reknew your mission. Take massive action and go go go!

What are you going to accomplish this week??

6. [tweetthis]Be open to it being way better than you imagined. #truthbomb @DanielleLaPorte[/tweetthis]


#truthbomb by

7. Goals vs Mission.

Whats the difference and why people on a mission have no competition…

Watch the video on Facebook while I upload it on Youtube.

8. Seek the edge.

Always act with integrity and ethics.

But never play fair. Always seek the unfair advantage.

#domination  – GrantCardone

9. Stay Flexible.

If something is not working for you if its not allowing you to serve your highest calling – stop doing it.

Just because you’ve been doing it this way for the past few years doesnt mean you have to continue with it.

Don’t waver on your goals and vision. But be willing to be light footed, to switch on a dime to try and try again in its pursuit.

10. Winning

This morning I realized that [tweetthis]you’re a winner when you no longer believe your own excuses.[/tweetthis]

How long does it take to make a change? To make a real decision that can effect your life and those you care about?

It only takes a split second. A snap of the fingers – less than an instant.




And finally it’s not all about getting your mission, achieving your goals and achieving your mission…

Actually thats BS.

It IS critical you become successful and you fulfil your mission.

Go get it.



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