Can you feel it? There’s a storm brewing.

Late last night, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the suburbs.

Standing outside, the wind had a curious feel to it.

It felt electric and it felt like change was coming.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably felt it online and in business.

But the truth is, change isn’t just coming, it’s already here.

(And it wasn’t the wind of change you felt, it was the flapping of wings…)

Marketing isn’t what it used to be, today it’s an entirely different beast.

Today’s marketing beast has the head of a lion, with diamond eyes and sly ravenous smile.

It’s jaws are cavernous, capable of swallowing niches and industries whole.

It has the scales of a snake, bristling and brilliant from ten thousand shiny, and multi-coloured things.

It’s claws are made of fire and ice and it’s fingers reach into everything and everywhere.

It’s wings covers the globe.

It’s tail wipes away any trace of its path.

And it’s making its way to your door…


Ok, I’m kind of scaring myself now.

But change doesn’t have to be scary.

Change can be a tool you can use. It has the power to save your business or destroy it.

Because The Beast is only a messenger.

And if you’re brave enough you can take the message from it’s mouth…

Want to know what the message is?

I’ll tell you tomorrow!

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